May 25-27, 2018

Welcome to the Joint Toastmasters District 59 and District 95 Spring Conference site!

The Joint Toastmasters District 59 & 95 Spring Conference is all about stories!

It is about the story of European Toastmaster’ joint efforts – that after almost 40 years of spreading communication and leadership skills across Continental Europe – will now get reborn through six new districts!

It is about the stories of over 800 excited members from 28 countries that will share their unique multicultural diversity that unite us all under one common cause, the love for being better communicators!

It is about the Greek history of reviving the values of ancient rhetoric back to its birthplace!

It is about YOU being part of the greatest Toastmasters District conference ever, in One City of Never Ending Stories!

Balraj Arunasalam, International President

Keynote Speaker

Toastmasters is a way of life,” Arunasalam said in a statement. “It helped me understand the philosophy of leadership, to give and receive respect, and to be humble.”

The Joint Toastmasters District 59 and District 95 Spring Conference in Athens on 25-27 May 2018, will have the great honor to host Balraj Arunasalam, the International President of Toastmasters!

All participants of this great European joint conference, will have the chance to learn about his way of life and his great leadership philosophy that came out of his 29 years of Toastmasters experience.

Arunasalam is the chairman and managing director of Gemtrans Engineering Company, a maker of industrial belts.

He also serves as president of the Iyyappan Temple management board, vice president of the Aarunadu Velalar Society of Sri Lanka, as well as a member of both the local Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club, according to a news release.

A welcome note by our District Directors

Ana Isabel Ferreira & Andrei Popescu

“This Conference is important for one obvious and one not so obvious reason. The obvious is the fact that two Districts are coming together to witness the birth of SIX new ones. This is the first and probably will be the last time it will ever happen. This means you will be part of a wonderful and precious moment. The not so obvious, are all the things that can happen, and that no one can anticipate. Imagine a place with more than 800 people united by the spirit of growing as communicators and leaders and having fun while doing it. The energy, the joy the enthusiasm you’ll get is incommensurable.

My personal motive is to take this opportunity to be with people that I will probably not see for a while. To hug them and feel all that positive energy they bring. Also, to see those wonderful speakers on stage offering us their inner world. And for sure for the party … every Toastmaster party is a must and I love to celebrate on the dance floor. :)”

Ana Isabel Ferreira
District 59 Director

“Toastmasters is about growth! Growth at personal level and growth at organisational level. The Athens Conference will be extremely important because we will be able to witness growth in our inspiring speech contestants, in our leaders and future leaders, as well as in our Districts, as 2 become 6. It will be a milestone, a gathering of Toastmasters the likes of which Europe has never seen and it will be the talk of many members in the years to come. Plus, it will create even more awareness for such events, as we prepare for the 2020 International Convention in Paris.

Events like this one are for me the perfect way to learn from others, primarily in 1-to-1 conversations. And there will be some heavyweights coming to Athens. What I have discovered is that the people we can most learn from will not be walking around idle, waiting to be approached. They will be always busy. So 2-3 weeks prior to Athens I will reach out to a few people and set up a Breakfast or a Lunch meeting. That will make me a participant with a purpose and I will make the most of the Conference. I would make that suggestion to anyone attending!”

Andrei Popescu
District 95 Director



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