Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring guests to the Gala Dinner?

Yes. The ticket price is only €85.

What are the payment methods?

You can pay via bank transfer. A SEPA bank transfer is the cheapest and fastest method for sending money in Europe.

I forgot to pay within the deadline, must I register again?

No, you don’t have to register again. Just use your given original registration number, and proceed with the Bank Transfer.

I can’t find my registration number anymore, must I register again for a new one?

Oh, no please, you don’t have go through any extra hussle. Just contact [email protected] and let us help you.

Can I pay in any other way? PayPal?

Unfortunately, the use of third agencies such as PayPal are not possible; the official way is via Bank Transfer.

Usually, banking transfers between european accounts are penalty-free, and it is done in a couple of seconds!

Please review the option of transferring money within Europe with your Bank. A SEPA bank transfer is usually the cheapest and fastest method.

What is the bank account?

Stichting Toastmasters Europe Foundation
Gustav Mahlerlaan 10, 1082-PP, Amsterdam
IBAN: NL59 ABNA 0545 9785 48 

In which languages will the conference be conducted?

The conference language is English.

Workshops take place in English.

Which Contests will be held at the Spring Conference?

This Spring, the International Speech and Evaluation Contests will be held in English, as well as Speech Contests in German and in French. All the prepared speeches are 5-7 minutes long, and speech evaluations are 2-3 minutes.

What are the requirements to participate in a speech contest?

The only speech contest with a minimum manual-speech requirement is the International Speech Contest. To participate in any level of the International Speech Contest, a member must have completed at least six speeches from the Competent Communication manual prior to the club contest. A charter member of a club chartered less than one year before the club contest may compete without having completed six speeches in Competent Communication. The club must be officially chartered before the area contest.

Is there any Cancelation Policy?

Non-refundable but totally transferable to someone else.

Up to the Conference: Upon someone’s knowing that he/she will not make it to Athens, he/she has to inform as immediately (in order to give us the chance to help him/her reduce his/her loss as much as possible).

After the Conference: No Reimburse Policy.

I need an specific Conference Payment Invoice, where can I get it?

This can be done, but can only be sent by the District Finance Director after the Conference takes place. In our case, you will be able to receive your needed specific invoice on the first week of June 2018. Just contact [email protected]

Can I pass my registration to another member?

Yes, you can pass your registration package onto another member or guest, from your club or beyond, as you please. The procedure is simple:

The candidate to “take over” your package must go through our registration weblink, and fill-in all the needed data as normal. He/she will also receive an email with a unique registration number.

Afterwards you can contact [email protected] sharing those registration codes: yours and his/hers, for us to do the matching: cancelling yours and validating his/her package. Afterwards you both will receive confirmation emails, when the procedure is done.

For questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact our registration chair.

I made the bank transfer. What comes next?

Thank you for your commitment to Athens District 59 / 95 Conference!  You’ve made the banking transfer for your Conference Package, and one more step is to come:

Our finance manager gets weekly into our accounts: after his confirmation our registration chair will send you an email with a “confirmation letter” for your official registration.

Please be aware that this procedure sometimes takes a couple of working days until completion. In case that more than 2 weeks had passed after your banking transfer without any letter from our side, please contact our registrations chair directly.