Tours & Experiences


Experience Name : Athens Heart
Duration: 4h
Explore the core of Greece and walk its secret paths accompanied by an Athenian. Enjoy a 4 hour private walking tour through the longest pedestrian archaeological park in Europe. Discover the hidden treasures of modern Athens and wander amongst some of the most important landmarks that have influenced Western civilization.

Experience Name : Taste (Υ)Our Way
Duration: 4h
In this 4 hour private tour you will visit some of the oldest traditional markets of the capital, taste typical salty and sweet Greek delicacies like the loukoumas and the cheese pie, explore all kinds of herbs and spices and the worldwide famous Greek olives, olive oil and, obviously, the souvlaki. You will also experience some of our most cherished everyday habits, like enjoying a Greek coffee or a glass of ouzo accompanied by a selection of small dishes (meze) in some of the oldest establishments of the historical center of Athens.

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big olive

Experience name: Lost River Ilissus
Duration: 2h 30m
During antiquity, river Ilissos was famed for its natural beauty and the collection of architectural landmarks along its banks. Today the Ilissos is channeled to flow underground, and its banks, which were favoured by Socrates and Aristotle for walking and teaching, have been replaced by busy roadways. 

Follow the reverse route of the lost river and examine the evolution of the Athenian history, art and architecture. Points of interest include Aristotle’s philosophical school, architectural remnants of the Roman Empire, 19th century neoclassical and beaux-arts edifices, traces of 20th-century refugee settlements and fine examples of modernist art and architecture.

Experience name: Philosophers Walk
Duration: 2h 30m
Be introduced to the cornerstones of Western thought through this two-hour walking tour by Big Olive. Besides introducing the lead figures and notions of the classical Greek philosophy, this walk aims to give the visitor a contemporary perspective on the timeless -and therefore priceless- values.

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Experience name: Local neighborhood experience
Duration: 2h 30m
This experience is packed with charming places, delicious treats and lively sights! Get ready to take a sneak peek at the lifestyle of Athens. The flavors of real Greek specialties will make you want to continue your tasty exploration!
Join us on a journey through Greek culture, customs and traditions! Live like a local for a day in the company of your host. Enjoy Greek coffee at a cozy coffee shop, taste authentic pastries and hear stories behind a peculiar beverage, before a unique experience at a family-run sweet company! End the 2.5-hour tour with some savory delicacies from all over Greece.

Experience name: Athens food and walking experience
Duration: 5h
If you want to get to know Athens from a whole new perspective, treat yourself to this special 5- hour experience! Get a thorough insight into the vibrant daily life, explore must-see districts the local way and delight in sampling Greek food.
Take a moment to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Acropolis, before heading up towards the pocket-size neighborhood of ‘Anafiotika’ to start with some Greek coffee. Continue downhill to the Roman Agora and admire impressive monuments, have a break at a local tavern and visit the flea market and Monastiraki Square (and get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth!). The lively Varvakeios Municipal Market breathes the essence of Athens’ culinary culture! After olive tasting, it’s time to cool down with refreshments and light music in the background.

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Experience name: Athens Wine Tasting
Duration: 2h (the wine tasting part)
We propose a terroir driven wine tasting of eight (8) quite distinctive, and hard to find, Greek grape varieties from all over the country. From north to south, from mainland to the Greek islands, you will experience the magic of the Greek vineyard, presented by a well-travelled and experienced sommelier. Take a break and let your senses travel in 8 different places of Greece only within a few hours!

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Experience name: Athens Wine Tour
Duration: 6h
Take a break from your tight business schedule or spend a day besides visiting the cultural sites of Athens while you are on holidays to discover interesting local wine varieties. Athens, the Capital of Greece, is producing a variety of PGI* wines. The main variety of the region is Savatiano, a white aromatic variety, followed by Roditis, Assyrtiko, Malagousia and Chardonnay. In this region you can also find red varieties of Agiorgitiko, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. The zone also produces the known Retsina (a resinated wine). You will have the chance to see nice wineries that have adopted modern vinification methods, meet the people who recount intriguing stories about the history of wine in the region and most importantly get introduced to the local wine varieties. After learning a lot about the wine production in the region of Attika and tasting exceptional award winning wines luxuriate in a delicious sea food lunch by the sea and the sun.

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